Rainy and windy weather forecast for tomorrow

  • 28 August 2023 13:44

The weather will be changeable cloudy, occasionally gloomy and mainly rainless in Baku and the Absheron Peninsula on August 29, e-huquq.az informs, citing the National Hydrometeorological Service of Azerbaijan.

However, rain is expected in some places in the evening. The northwest wind will intensify at night.

The temperature will be 20-24 C at night, 27-32 C during the daytime. Atmospheric pressure will be 756 mm Hg. Relative humidity will be 70-80% at night and 45-55% during the day.

The weather will occasionally rainy in Azerbaijan’s districts. Lightning, and hail are possible in some areas. A moderate east wind will blow.

The temperature will vary from 20 to 24 C at night and from 25 to 30 C in the daytime.

In the highlands, it will be 8 to 13 C at night and 13 to 18 C.

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