Advocacy institution today

  • 17 October 2023 11:31

Today, institution of advocacy of Azerbaijan is stronger and status of a lawyer has become prestigious. It is not only my personal argument, it is evidenced by statistics and opinion of citizens applying for legal assistance.

Graduates from Legal Department prefer to become a lawyer rather than other branches of the legal system. Today Azerbaijani Bar Association is one huge ship going in right direction. And weak attempts to interfere with movement are insignificant. It is just how enviers are trying to justify a bone that was thrown to them…The new management board headed by the representative of Bar Association, Anar Bagirov was elected on 7 December 2017 during annual Reporting conference of Bar Association of Azerbaijan Republic. Bar Assassination radically transformed, rising to a qualitatively new, higher level. The Azerbaijan Bar has reached a new age, in the full sense of the word , the Age of Prosperity.

Public opinion speaks, media writes about this, nternational legal community speaks about this and states this fact. During his five-year term at the direction of the Association, Anar Bagirov brought it into the 21st century. More than 100 meetings were held both inside and outside our country. I will say more, the construction of the institution of advocacy began practically from scratch, and the Chairman of the Board, Anar Bagirov, certainly played a fundamental role in this. Someone will say that this is a praise for the young representative, but its not. I am simply stating a fact that can be confirmed by the overwhelming majority of lawyers.

Geysar Jafarov

Lawyer of "Yusif Allahverdiyev and Partners" Law Firm

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