Eynar Allahverdiyev appointed Chairman of Caspian Energy Slovakia

  • 24 November 2022 17:03

Eynar Allahverdiyev appointed Chairman of Caspian Energy Slovakia.

This was said by the Caspian Energy Club Chairman and CEO, Telman Aliyev.

According to him, under the leadership of Eynar Allahverdiyev Caspian Energy Slovakia will represent the interests of the Caspian Energy Club and manage the Club’s projects in Slovakia. Noteworthy among these projects are international events such as Caspian Energy Forum Slovakia, Caspian Energy Award Slovakia, Brand Award Slovakia, including conduction of B2G and B2B forums in all the regions of Slovakia, CEO Breakfast and CEO Lunch events, as well as organization of business-tours and round tables.

Eynar Allahverdiyev extended his gratitude to the top management of the Caspian Energy Club for the high trust placed in him. He noted that he will take an active part and make every effort to expand networking and develop trade-economic ties between entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan and Slovakia.

Eynar S. Allahverdiyev was born on September 02, 1988 in the Bolnisi district of Georgia. He got his secondary education at Baku Oxford School. From 2005 to 2007, he continued studying at Cambridge Bellerbys College (England). He got his first higher education degree at the Dubai Heriot-Watt University, studying there from 2006 to 2009. 2009-2010, he studied for getting his second higher education in the American Graduate School of Business (Switzerland), majoring in business management. From 2012, he has been doing his private business in the field of commerce, logistics and gastronomy across Poland, Australia and Slovakia.

The Caspian Energy Club which brings together over 5,000 companies and organizations from 50 countries was established in June 2002. As an active participant of the business-to-government dialogue, the major objective of the Caspian Energy Club is to improve the investment and business climate in Azerbaijan and in other countries where the Caspian Energy Club operates, as well as to stimulate and actively participate in the B2G, B2B and B2C dialogues.
The Caspian Energy Club is an international business-networking platform and regularly organizes various events. The head office of the Caspian Energy Club is in Baku. The Caspian Energy Club has official representative offices in Georgia and Kazakhstan, and authorized representatives in different countries around the world.

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